WikiLeaks came back online after members fought to find a DNS company to host the domains.

Access was returned at 4:23am CET after members worked with different DNS providers to help get the domains back online. Currently the domain points to a WikiLeaks mirror page, listing all of the leaked documents it originally posted.

WikiLeaks’ recent domain hassles were prompted by EveryDNS, a DNS provider for the Web site at the time which pulled its services from the site, making WikiLeaks accessible by its server IP address.

This prompted WikiLeaks to move to Switzerland, and acquire the domain name.

Access to comes after a series of events led Wikileaks supporters to hate against EveryDNS, but after a confusing turn of events, EasyDNS was brought into the mix getting some hate as well because of the mixup between EasyDNS and EveryDNS. After facing some serious heat, EasyDNS was contacted directly by WikiLeaks, asking it to provide DNS services for three domains:,, and should the other domains get revoked.

With the horrific domain disaster, WikiLeaks has asked for its supporters to host their own copies of the Web site, providing access to documents if the WikiLeaks Web site becomes unavailable. Current stats show there are 1885 mirrors of the Web site.