This is just something I did years ago. I was working two jobs, had a really screwed of up sleep cycle, “blogging” was new and novel and I was obsessed with CMS, HTML, PHP, C++ and CSS. Slackware was new and nobody had even heard of Ubuntu.

It was also the same era I had to study JAVA, trust me… I was never obsessed with OOP and JAVA. It was also the era when IRC was THE way to connect on the Internet. Back then, #lockergnome was the channel, it was pretty much the #chris of the day.

In the same era, many of the regulars in the lockergnome community, some regrettably no longer with us, liked this little bit of geek poetry. As a writer or wanna-be writer, depending on your opinion, I tend not to do re-writes all that often. It is just not my style. I tend to puke it out and post it. This methodology has its pros and cons. I am well aware of the fact that I pruffreed about as well as those in the music industry.

In an effort to proof read better, I have been making a conscious effort to do revisions and re-writes of older works. It is an attempt to spend more time in editor mode. Here is my ode to code;

Leave it be to me
Nitwitted king of stupidity
Finally, life nears a slight pause
A chance to blog with purpose and cause

One more 20 hour shift to complete,
Then to blogdome I can retreat
But no, I decide with a mind fatigued and erroneous
To modify my site’s CSS and XHTML simpleness

Oh, what a fool am I and now wish to die!
For even simple code a sleepless mind should not try
No wise words would I write
Instead, I would pursue returning syntax right

All night, a missing ” and div end tag
Would my stressed mind, nag and nag
In the end, the problem I did solve
Links, readability and images would resolve!

For me, a fleeting victory tonight
It was not the goal I had in sight
For the target of my arrow’s flight
Was simply the desire to write