I originally wrote this post as a rant about a month ago, after having to deal with horrible customer service repeatedly – from one company. Re-reading this today, I realized how much of it rings true… companies need to actually be listening to their customers. Don’t patronize us. Don’t act like we are complete imbeciles. Just – make your product or service WORK. That’s all we ask… honest!

It takes an awful lot to frustrate me to the point of tears. I am a fairly calm person most of the time and you won’t often see my feathers ruffled. However, I have reached the point of no return. I even mentioned on Twitter that I needed a white flag to wave and was throwing in the proverbial towel. The point of no return has come and gone. Why the hell can people not LISTEN for once? If you are in charge of the response team for your product or service, stop patronizing me. Yes, I’m talking to you. If your junk doesn’t work, it’s not me – your customer – you should be blaming. When you cannot figure out what the hell is wrong, you don’t turn around and flippantly tell your client that it must be “something on your end.”

I’m not going to name names or point fingers. The service I am ticked off at doesn’t really matter because I’ve seen this happen too many times to count. I have been having issues with your service for more than a year now. I have tried using it on multiple computers, using every browser ever built and even from different locations (with different ISPs). Since the problem exists 99% of the time, I can pretty much guarantee it’s NOT ON MY END.

In the past year, I have spent a countless number of hours on the phone with your technicians and engineers, and an even larger number of hours buried in emails back and forth. I don’t get paid for the time I spend trying to make YOUR service work. In fact, I tend to lose pay since I’m not getting other things done that I could be invoicing for. Each time we publicly complain about your service (on Twitter or Facebook), your latest mouthpiece acts very concerned and attempts to help.

It doesn’t help, though, when you have zero records of ever having talked to us before. It doesn’t help me when you have an entirely new team in place since the last time. It doesn’t help me to have to waste my time telling you my browser of choice, operating system and computer specifications. This is NOT an issue due to my computer. How will it benefit anyone to dredge our way through the same old routine tests and useless information to get to the same point? At the end of the conference call with your engineers tomorrow, I am sure I will be once again told that since THEY cannot replicate the issue, there is nothing wrong. My screenshots, concise explanations and screen captures don’t convince you there is something wrong.

I want your service to work – period. There’s nothing more to it. You jump down our throats if we dare to state that what you do is not worth recommending to others, yet you cannot be bothered to take a serious interest in the needs of your customers. I don’t expect perfection or even spectacular and amazing things from you.

I just want your shit to work.

What are your thoughts? Are you sick and tired of companies who care nothing about supporting you beyond the point of sale? What’s your worst customer service horror story?

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