In 2006, I bought a MacBook Pro Laptop.

With my frequent travel, 60- 80 hours a week of heavy use, and the fact that whatever laptop I own as my primary computer, I could usually kill a laptop in about six months. Even with my lighter use this past year, I broke the Netbook I bought last September in about 10 months.

My MacBook Pro lasted three and a half years. And when it broke, unlike the others, it was due to my own error – I didn’t wake up one morning and just find it broken like the others.

(But this isn’t one of those “Mac is better” rants. I like both PCs and Macs, it just so happens that my favorite model of either type is the MacBook Pro, but I often run Windows on it, side by side with Snow Leopard. And I think the entire war is 1- silly, and 2- excellent marketing.)

I thought it was done for – it was a power supply problem that costs almost the price of a refurbished newer model to fix. It’ll work off batter power, but not from the power cord. And when plugged in, the battery won’t charge.

And since Apple doesn’t sell an external battery charger, I let my MacBook Pro sit prettily against a wall for about a year.

Then, this past October, I found an External Battery Charger for my model of MacBook.

Oh Joy! Oh Rapture!

Now I can work unencumbered on the computer platform I like best for about four hours at a time. With sleep intervals, that’s about how long a single battery charge will last.

Here’s the productivity tip: Knowing you have limited time made me super-productive. I now prioritize tasks based on how they will impact my bottom line, how urgent they are, and how important they are.

Are there customer service issues? Do I need to run advertising? Have I done any activity that will result in a profit today? Will this action expand my audience or deepen my engagement? Do I have newsletters lined up? Do I have products for sale ready to go?

Should I stop and hang out at Twitter? Maybe – who is around? Can I chat with a key influencer, a future customer, a current client? Is there a tweetchat?

Should I write this blog post? Will it make more people aware of me? Will it help someone?

Should I syndicate an article? Will it point back to a lead generation or sales page? Will it help with my branding?