I guess when we think of who is the largest of the large news organizations, we often think that it must be a company that is owned by Rupert Murdoch. You may be surprised to learn that the largest is actually Examiner.com located out of Denver, CO. The company employees some 67,000 writers located in 230 U.S. cities and pumps out some 100,000 articles per month.

According to a recent news article it further stated that:

He says the company is adding about 4,000 new writers, called “examiners” every month.

In New York City, there are 2000 writers.

In the latest comScore rankings for November, in the category of top ten general news sites, the Examiner registered 14.1 million unique monthly visitors, besting FoxNews.com and the BBC.com.

Blair, a former executive with Knight Ridder and later with AOL’s Digital Cities, differentiates Examiner from Demand Media and so-called “content farms.”

Writers are compensated on the popularity of their posts, which he explains in this interview. According to a recent report in Advertising Age, some “examiners” are earning in the six figures.

The company was founded by billionaire Philip Auschutz. He has apparently invested over $100M to start the company.What is really going to be interesting is when the ‘examiners’ will be able to upload video directly from their handheld mobile devices. These writers located in major cities should be able to scoop the other news organizations and make the Examiner.com a larger competitor.

Have you used the Examiner.com website? What is your opinion of the company?

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Source – Beet.TV