In my quest locating articles of significant interest that will keep my readership in tact, one reader sent me a list of potential topics he thought I should tackle. Being the humble man he his, he has chosen to remain anonymous , so I promised not to mention Richard Krohn by name. LOL

I was kind of surprised when Dick brought up the subject about Thunderbird getting harder to use. I actually think it is easy to use and is one of the better email programs.

I use two email software programs on my personal computer. I use Microsoft Outlook for both my personal account from my ISP and also a MSN account I must have as a requirement from Microsoft as a MVP. I use Thunderbird for my Google Gmail account in which I received and monitor Gmail alerts throughout the day. On average I receive approximately 250 emails a day from my Gmail account and Thunderbird handles the flow perfectly.

I started using Thunderbird after I upgraded my laptop from Vista to Windows 7. After the upgrade I was required to add an email program, because for some strange reason, Microsoft no longer thought it was necessary to keep Outlook Express as a part of Windows 7. In fact they changed the name of their email program to Windows Live Mail which I personally didn’t like. So I downloaded a copy of Thunderbird and have been using it now for well over a year.

I personally found Thunderbird easy to install and configure. I also like the uncomplicated user interface that is very similar to what I had previously used in Outlook Express. I don’t need a lot to monitor my Gmail account and only need the basics.

But there is one reason that I like Thunderbird and that is because it is free.

Comments welcome.

OK, Dick. Your turn.