But the running is continuing on, until next year.

Remember when it was announced that Google was going to build out a fiber network, in some community in the United States, where fiber service was not found? Well, that was a large number of communities in nearly every state, and most all states were reported as having communities in the running for the honor of being treated to the first commercial gigabit network in the United States.

The city of Topeka, Kansas had officially renamed itself in order to stand a better chance of getting the buildout, as they have nothing speedy form any provider in the area, and also it was thought by many that the middle of the nation –geographically – would be a great starting place. At the time of that announcement, all states but 3 had a city in the running, but many certainly thought that the need, combined with the location, combined with the gutsy move to officially change the city name would make Topeka, er, Google Kansas, an easy winner. That notice came in July.

The city has not been eliminated, but it has not been chosen either.

Google is stating that a high level of interest has forced a postponement of the decision, but those in the business are wondering if technical difficulties have forced the decision to be held in abeyance until certain problems are resolved. The story from Maximum PC states that, as of today, 1100 towns have responded to the call by Google and are waiting with baited breath.

The word is that no more applicants will be accepted, the decision will be made from those already in the mix, and that the final decision will be posted in early 2011.

January 1st is early 2011. Wouldn’t that make a great thing for many to be able to swear off dial-up, knowing that some of that exceptional  optical fiber is coming down the pike. New Year’s resolutions like that one should be easily made for at least one town.