The Associated Press and other newswire services provide news to small newspapers that do not have the staffing to cover the news themselves. But now questions are being asked as to whether or not companies such as the AP are needed any longer. With the Internet, just about anyone can syndicate the news. But some like Rupert Murdoch believe that all news belongs to those that cover it and should not be used by others for personal gain.

In one recent article it stated that:

Put simply, syndication makes little sense in a world with URLs. When news outlets were segmented by geography, having live human beings sitting around in ten thousand separate markets deciding which stories to pull off the wire was a service. Now it’s just a cost.

I have a personal interest in this subject since as a blogger I depend heavily on the Internet to find information to write about. I find stories and articles that I believe would be interesting to those who have chosen to read my postings. I provide my personal opinion, like I am doing here, to provide a vehicle for others to comment on and to provide their own take on a news item.

There is also this:

Giving credit where credit is due will reward original work, whether scoops, hot news, or unique analysis or perspective. This will be great for readers. It may not, however, be so great for newspapers, or at least not for their revenues, because most of what shows up in a newspaper isn’t original or unique. It’s the first four grafs of something ripped off the wire and lightly re-written, a process repeated countless times a day with no new value being added to the story.

My feelings are that if you don’t want others to post about your news item, don’t put it on the Internet. It is as simple as that. If you think that a news item is of importance and if you believe that you can make a buck by placing the information on the web, be ready to have others quote your piece.

There is another question that we must ask. Who owns the news? Does it belong only to the people who report it? I believe it belongs to all of us.

The AP and CNN exchange news information all the time, and just cite the other as a quote. Just like I am doing here giving Gigaom credit. No harm, no foul. 🙂

Just my two cents.

Comments welcome.

Source – Gigaom