The Kinect by Microsoft offers a new and exciting way to interact with your favorite games. But in order for the Kinect to function properly, you may need to make some minor furniture rearrangements for both one or two person play. Microsoft states that for one person you will need at least a 6 feet by 6 feet area cleared in front of your TV. When adding a second person, Microsoft recommends a 8 feet by 6 feet area be cleared. In a small living room some may need to remove the coffee table and push back the furniture in order to meet the minimum specifications.

In addition the placement of the Kinect sensor is also critical for proper operation. One article explains that:

The sensor is an amazing piece of hardware-software synergy, and luckily, it’s actually a pretty flexible device. Its movable head allows it to aim up or down, so you have a pretty lenient set of rules as to where it can be placed. Microsoft recommends between two and six feet off the ground, either directly below or above your TV, and centered with it. In my experience, two feet above the ground might be a little low, especially if your living room isn’t enormous–it’ll be tricky for the sensor to capture both your feet and head.

There is also a warning note. Users should not attempt to force the sensing unit to tilt. There is a built-in motor that will handle the proper angling of the device.

Another warning is for those with center speakers, do not place the Kinect sensor on top of the speaker. This could potentially mess up the audio quality of the unit. Vibrations from the speaker can also distort the video.

Lighting is also important. The Kinect video will be best in a room with dim lighting and not bathed in full sun light.

The small speakers in your TV may not provide amble audio quality from your Kinect. It is recommended that you use a home theater system which will enhance the audio performance of the Kinect.

Do you have any suggestions on how to properly set up a Kinect sensor?

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Source – POPSCI