First off, let me not be one to sling doom and gloom. I got word of this story over at TechDirt and followed it back to this article at Yahoo! I doubt we are less safe because of this mess but geeze… It does mean that we are not 100% certain about the plane’s ownership. I can see where that might be a security issue.

Second, I was originally going to simply delete this draft. It is nothing new, government waste and false security. Then I thought again, this is a classic example of our government wasting our tax dollars first and then spending more money to fix it. Boys and girls, this is how our national debt increases. Dumb logic, dumber fixes and those responsible stay employed. They will ask us to such it up so that we are safer and use that as a higher cause to justify it.

As the article also mentions, felons figured out long ago how to simply use fake FAA registration numbers. A roll of duct tape and some paint is all one needs to thwart the authorities. No worries, I am sure some superheroes in TSA tights are about to rush in and make us safe at any moment.

The FAA has registration information on 357,000 private and commercial planes. This information tells them who owns them etc., Well not 100% of them. There are those that we are not sure about… about one third of these aircraft have questionable registration. It seems that the current system only requires registration once and then owners update the information on an honor system. Huh? We get the BMV and the airline industry gets this? I don’t think I would survive long as an office manager if I could not find 1/3 of my files.

Another example of our government at work, wastefully at best. All these years of “making us safe” and this can actually happen? As I mentioned already, it is not difficult to fake “tail numbers” but it does cause other problems,

Already there have been cases of drug traffickers using phony U.S. registration numbers, as well as instances of mistaken identity in which police raided the wrong plane because of faulty record-keeping.

The Solution. Everyone must re-register. And it gets even better, those who lost track of 1/3 of the planes are all still employed! Isn’t our accountability great? Heck, in an effort to get everything fixed, maybe we should approve overtime.. I mean it is not like we didn’t already pay for it once.

Now that all the plane owners have to re-register, it should totally thwart the drug traffickers. I mean it is the law. They must register! Who would break the law? I have a thought, how about a one-stop center so they can register their weapons as well?