As .NET Developers, we are mostly accustomed to working with ADO.NET or ORM to access data in relational systems, where we map objects to columns and use SQL to query our data. In NoSQL and Document Databases, things are different. Mappings and Queries are gone. Data is stored as is and retrieved via Map/Query functions.

CouchDB for .NET Developers

If you’ve been interested in document databases but do not know where to start, then this is definitely the webcast for you. We’ll see what CouchDB is about and how to get your applications up and running using CouchDB and .NET in no time at all, and show you how creating and maintaining applications that use this NoSQL thing from a .NET Developers perspective is very simple. Register for the webcast now.

CouchDB for .NET Developers Free Live Webcast – Dec 21 @ 10am PT

Register for the free CouchDB for .NET Developers webcast now!