When I signed up to test the new Chrome netbook, I agreed to use the computer for my daily activities. This may prove to be a problem for me. After getting the computer setup and becoming familiar with how it works, I dropped over to both of my Lockergnome blog sites. I logged in expecting a similar experience I normally have with writing, posting my blog and answering comments. What I found was a slow, like in molasses, response time. My blog sites are where I spent a good deal of my time when on the Internet and I need the sites to work properly. Instead I found that trying to refresh a page was painful. Painful in that it either took forever to refresh or I got an error saying the webpage could not load.

Over at the Chrome OS web site it states:

Fast: No more waiting around. Chrome notebooks start-up in seconds and webpages load in a snap.

I went to check my Gmail and the page loaded slow as well. I do realize that both the software and hardware are new, but this is painful folks. That is when I recalled reading this:

The Pilot program is not for the faint of heart.

I won’t give up.

I tried blocking Flash and the system seems to be working better. I’ll report about this in a follow-up review.

As previous reviewer have reported the beauty part about Google Chrome OS is that it starts quickly. If you close the lid it the computer goes into standby mode and the system instantly comes to life when you reopen the lid. This morning when I got up I tried this and everything, including all of my open tabs, came to life immediately,

What has become obvious to me is how much of what I do on a computer is Internet-based. Chrome satisfies about 90% of my computing needs. This is the market where Google is aiming at. You don’t even need Google Chrome to determine your computer habits.

That is about all for now. Except for the slowness on the Internet, which may be attributed to Flash, my overall experience has been positive. I believe that Google Chrome, Android or whatever Google calls it, will satisfy your computing needs if you spend a lot of time on the Internet.

I hooked up a USB mice to the netbook which made using the system easier for me. I am not a huge fan of track-pads.

Comments welcome.

PS I will report back in a week with another review.