First let me start by saying, Google made it very clear to those who received their new CR-48 laptop computer with their very own Google Chrome OS, that is was not supposed to be sold, loaned nor even given away. These are the exact words in the Google agreement when you sign-up to be part of the pilot program:

I agree to not sell or transfer the device to anyone else, unless under written instruction from Google to do so.

But someone put their CR-48 up for sale on eBay starting the bidding at 1 cent. After 36 bids the offers had increased to $11,100. Even the original box that the CR-48 came in was being sold for $99 on eBay. Some were clever in their wording saying that they were not actually selling the device. But you were welcome to go ahead and bid anyway.

Google didn’t take kindly to those who were selling their laptops saying they were actually considered stolen property:

If you buy one of the Cr-48 Notebooks that pops up on eBay, you are in fact purchasing stolen property. Google had these laptops manufactured specifically to test out their new operating system, and shipped them to people who agreed to test them over the coming months. Anyone who is selling one this soon has in effect stolen said laptop from Google.

Google knew that some of their systems would in fact tried to be sold. I would venture a guess that Google has the legal muscle to go after those who seem to have ignored the agreement.

For me I believe that those of us who received a computer from Google and accepted the agreement, have the responsibility to complete and fulfill what I believe is a legal contract.

With that being said I will sell mine at a discount for only $10,000! LOL

Just joking Google. I am  typing this post on your product as I am sure you can tell by tracking my moves.

Comments welcome.

Source – Fast Company