If you signed up to join the pilot program for the Google Chrome OS, you may still have a chance to get a free notebook computer. It seems that Google is rolling out the computers slowly, with the first shipment of 14,000 completed. It is estimated that a total of 60,000 free computers are to be shipped. Why the slow progress for shipping the Chrome computers?

According to one article it stated that:

One of the major reasons for delay in shipments could be the fact that Google is waiting for feedback of the device already shipped from the users. If Google had shipped all the 60,000 notebooks at one go then it would have become humongous task to deal with bug reports of the device in the small period of time. Delay in shipment avoids this problem to a great extent.

This does make sense. In just three days since receiving my CR-48 computer from Google, I have filed nine bug reports. Nothing major, just a few minor annoyances.

You cannot stream video from Netflix. An error states that the browser is not compatible.

Flash seems to be problematic. I have blocked Flash and it does seem to help in my browsing experience. Some sites seem to work better,

I tried Scribefire, which crashed and locked up the system. I received an error message asking if I wished to terminate the process or wait. I chose to terminate the process, which uninstalls the extension.

On the plus side I was able to install the browser extensions Zemanta and After the Dealing, which work for my blogging site. It also appears that my blogging site is working better than it first was. My blogging site for Lockergnome appears to have sped up some since installing a Flash blocker.

AdBlock works fine, as does the extension WOT [Web of Trust]. I am also using WeatherBug, and that works very well thus far.

Comments welcome.

Source – Chrome Plugins