110 years ago Thomas Edison came out with a talking doll for the Christmas season. The doll was labeled by the great inventor as the ‘monster’ doll and when you hear the voice recoding you will see why. But what is amazing about the dolls is that they were hand man, not by elfs, but by real humans one at a time. Since there was no duplication machines of the era, each audio recording were done one at a time.

The dolls sold for $10 for the basic model and $25 for the deluxe model. Most workers of the time were lucky to have made $25 a month, so the doll was for the rich folks. Also the doll was made of metal and weighed in at a hefty 4 lbs. each. Here is what the dolls looked like:

So why did Edison call his product ‘his monster’ dolls?

The user had to turn a hand crank to play the audio which was recorded on a wax cylinder. If you listen to the recording it sounds more like Chucky than a nice little girl. Plus the doll was constructed of metal which didn’t make it very cuddly.

Go to the link below to hear the audio.

Source – GE reports