A flooded basement is never fun. After years of procrastination, a second sump is being installed here at Rancho Indebto. The peace of mind should be worth an amount exponential to the cost of installation.

While we get by just fine with one sump under most conditions, when the torrential rains head our way, it’s always brings on a case of the jitters. I’ve become far too adept at cleaning up after the Nor’easters, tropical storms, and hurricanes. Dealing with basement flooding isn’t fun.

When my Mom passed away, most of her stuff ended up in my basement, along with the means to finally end the problem we encounter a few times each year. With a second sump installed, we’re hoping to never need to bail out the basement again. The new sump will be fitted with a pair of pumps and (eventually) a backup power system. We might add a second pump to the first pit.

With a little luck, the family archives (a.k.a. all those boxes of junk) will never end up underwater.

Ideally, I’d like to have a backup system with a small bank of batteries fed by solar panels and a turbine. What once seemed like science fiction is now well within the realm of possibility, with a big stack of twenty dollar bills being the only hurdle.