So you are getting ready to build up a website, have decided that your content management system (CMS) will be WordPress, yet you find yourself at a standstill. The default theme provided by WordPress simply isn’t going to work. So you need to know how to pick a good WordPress theme?

As one might imagine, there are a number of schools of thought on this. Most of the time it comes down to appearance and features, but there are other considerations you need to realize as well. While it’s important to use a theme you feel accurately reflects the idea behind the content that will appear on your website, the bigger issue is finding a usable WordPress theme that has some other key benefits going for it as well.

1) Does it load quickly? Google ranking, pleasant experience for the site’s visitors. All of these things should be a factor in choosing a good template.

2) Will desired plugins interfere with it? Obviously something that has to be figured out through some trial and error, but this still matters.

3) Does the theme navigation make sense? This is a big issue I see taking place entirely too often.

4) Thinking of ads? Does the theme work with your monetization strategy? Most themes have an Adsense friendly option, others have spots for banner ad spots. In either case, this kind of a big deal if you plan on implementing advertising.

How To Pick A Good WordPress Theme
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Speaking for myself, I believe that there is great importance in exploring multiple themes before automatically settling on one vs another. If you’re looking to have one designed, it is even more critical to take a few free ones for a test drive to find out what kind of features work and what don’t.