Yesterday I read several articles in which it was discussed the rumor that Microsoft was going to unveil a new version of Windows. The rumors state that this new version of Windows would be introduced by Microsoft at the CES [Consumer Electronics Show] scheduled for mid January of next year. It is also rumored that this new version of Windows would require an ARM processor since the Intel Atom processor doesn’t have enough power.

Over at the Wall Street Journal they state that:

According to two people close to Microsoft, the company has had a project for some time to create a version of Windows running on ARM-based microprocessors. One of those people said the effort is part of a broader push at Microsoft to make Windows more “modular” so that pieces of the operating system that are unnecessary for smaller, low-power devices like tablets can be easily stripped away to make the software perform snappily on the on the gadgets.

The strategy is similar to the one Apple has employed with iOS, the lightweight operating system for iPads, iPhones and other devices that is derived from Apple’s full-blown Mac operating system for traditional computers.

In all of the articles I have read covering this subject, the two words that stood out were the words ‘new version’.

What Google is offering on their CR-48 computer is a ‘new version’. Google Chrome is something that no other company has tried. Running an operating system from inside of a browser type interface. This to me is a ‘new version’.

But we have heard from Microsoft before about a module system that can be stripped down to run on light weight devices. New? I do not believe it is new.

I will also venture a guess that if and when this ‘new version’ of Windows does hit the streets, that the reviews will note this one drawback. The device will run slow using this ‘new version’ of Windows. I do not believe that Microsoft can stripe enough components from Windows to make it run any quicker.

Just my two cents. What do you think?

Comments welcome.

Source – WSJ