If today was any indication that a holiday is quickly approaching and people have nothing better to do at work (or, perhaps, an indication people already left work for the holidays), Skype crashed for several hours this morning rendering the service unavailable.

While Skype kept users informed of downtime via Twitter, and is now explaining the reasons behind the crash, many users were not affected thanks to other options to communicate with friends and family. Though many undoubtedly prefer Skype, users who absolutely needed to video chat could turn to Google Voice and Video chat. And while video chat is ideal for long-distance couples, friends, and relatives, it is just as easy to use Facebook, Twitter, or gChat.

Or, you know, actually pick up the phone and talk. With their voices.

Notably, Twitter also crashed around the same time as Skype’s downtime for about ten minutes. This is likely indicative of the fact that Skype’s users have other options – and will use them, without hesitation. Skype’s downtime today will be a good lesson for Skype to step up their engineering for a more stable application in the face of a program that is still quite popular. However, should this happen again, I am sure Skype’s users will not hesitate to choose another and more reliable way to stay in touch with long-distance friends and family.

Does Skype’s downtime today mean it’s time to look for other voice and video services?