I still have a Vic-20 packed away. I was a very, very, very serious Commodore 64 user. I had memory expansion, multi-cartridge support, an external hard drive, and just about every imaginable accessory you could think of for the ancient computer. I could even burn my own cartridges. In my first apartment, my Commodore had it’s own room. It was my first computer studio. Commodore has still, although maybe not that noticed, been in business the whole time.

Some have dubbed this a come back. I think otherwise.

If you liked the look of that old skewl C-64 machine, there is a new and awesome upgrade. While it looks like the old one, it is much different than the 8-bit classic. The new machine has a dual core Atom processor, the cassette deck has been replaced by a built in DVD (Blu-ray option availble), 2 GIG of RAM with the ability to support up to 4, Nvidia graphic and, my favorite part, it supports all those old skewl games. I am so pumped! We can play Zork again!

Seriously though, I think it is a cute, novel idea. Novel and cute only go so far though. Granted, nice hardware + nostalgic keyboard == Pretty kewl. However, practical and useful have more longevity and marketability. I loved my Commodore in the 80’s and did all those neat things with it because it was among the best of the time. Even then, we complained about the keyboard needing more function keys.

While the look and the feel of the old Commodore is nostalgic, why would I go back to a keyboard with no numeric key pad, only 4 function buttons and no handy editing keys? No volume control for the media player? archaic!

You can pack the old keyboard with the latest and the greatest hardware but, seriously, would you want to use that keyboard in 2011? Furthermore, do you want a desktop computer where the keyboard is the computer?

While it might be fun to look at and play with, I don’t think this is going to bring the Commodore back into the average home. I don’t think the concept of an “all-in-one” type of machine is that desirable anymore, do you?

I love Commodore much but I think this idea and the Pheonix are destined to go the route of the Commodore Media Player and netbook.