Social networking sites like Facebook have a large impact on our lives and keep us in contact with family and friends around the globe. Twitter provides a fast and easy way to tell others what we are doing. But blogs have change from a decade ago when they were the main sources of communication. There was a time when people would blog about what they did during the day and share this information with others.

But today, blogs provide a different type of information, depending on the blogger and what he/she wishes to present to the reader. One will notice here at Lockergnome, a wide variety of different topics and fields of expertise, as well as different styles of writing. The number of bloggers has increased here at LG over the years and the material that is being presented is drawing a large audience of followers.

So where did the notion come from that blogging in on the decline? According to one article they put the blame on Mashable and the way they skewered the results according to one article.

The blogosphere has become the realm for things that cannot be expressed in 140 characters, a place where significant conversations, debates, and information exchange can occur. This shift means the blogging is maturing and evolving—not dying. Just as Facebook and Twitter have their uses, so does blogging. It’s just not the same use as it was thirteen years ago.

Here is a chart which show the statics of blogging on how blogging will increase in the years to come:

I believe that blogging will be alive and well for the foreseeable future. How about you? What do you think?

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Source – the regator blog