Facebook may be great for social networking,  but it is also great at harboring and aggravating paranoia in all exboyfriends, roommates, and parents. Thanks to updated privacy settings, Facebook users can now prevent almost anyone from seeing all, some, or none of their photos. Of course, this only makes other Facebook users want to see these photos even more (like those exboyfriends, roommates and parents.) Unfortunately, and thanks to, updated privacy settings, seeing photos of Facebook users you are not friends with is nearly impossible. The are, however, a few ways to potentially work around these settings.

You can try to poke the person who is not your friend – if you can even see this setting on the profile of someone who is not your friend. Poking someone who pokes you back may release some privacy restrictions, and depending on the entirety of the other Facebook user’s privacy settings, you may then be able to see their photos. You could also try sending them a message that elicits a response – this will also grant temporary, full access to the other user’s profile, which, again depending on their privacy settings, may allow you to see their photos.

Another tactic is asking a mutual friend to copy the URL of the photo – any photo – and send this to you. You can then paste the URL of the photo into your browser and see that specific photo. This works well if you know specific photos – such as from a party you weren’t invited to – exists, and you want to see them. Asking your mutual friend to take a screenshot of any desired photos and sharing the screenshot works well, too. A great program to capture screenshots, especially for this purpose (not that I would know…), is Skitch, though this app is only currently available for Macs.

The best option, however? Instead of creeping, just add the other person as a friend on Facebook. Unless, of course, you are admittedly a creeper. Then you’re probably better off just sticking with the above advice and ideas to see someone’s Facebook pictures if you’re not their friend.