The success of a brand or business on Facebook is ultimately determined not by how many friends or fans they have, but how well the brand engages with those fans. In other words, 100 people passionate about your brand are far more valuable than 100,000 who ignore everything you say. However, if you can get more Facebook fans and keep them engaged, you can probably turn those new fans into a raving passionate brand-loyal army of customers – here are a few ideas to get started with:

1. Ask your current fans to invite their friends to become a fan of your brand or business.
If you have even a small fan base, ask your current fans on Facebook to invite their friends to “like” your fan page. Check out #4, below, for an idea for incentives for potential new fans.

2. Use Twitter to invite followers to “Like” you on Facebook
Any good business or brand will utilize several social media channels to cross-promote. If you want to increase the number of your Facebook fans, consider using Twitter to ask your followers there to “like” you over on Facebook. Again, consider using incentives. (Bribing people really does work.)

3. Add a module to your website or blog listing your current fans and prompting peple to “like” your fan page.
People like to be involved with the business they patronize, and they love to see when their face shows up on a well-trafficked blog or website. This module, called a “facepile” from the developers of theĀ social plugins, is easy to add to the side of your blog. There are also a few other ways you can add Facebook to your website that will drive traffic to your Facebook fan page.

4. Run a contest open to only Facebook users who have joined your Fan page. Cross-promote it on Twitter, Facebook, and your Blog.
Contests are a popular way to not only drive traffic to a Facebook fan page, but offer incentive for potential customers to “like” . By offering the award only to users who have “liked” the page – and offering a great prize – this method is incredibly easy to help drive up a Facebook fan base.

5. Post flyers and use business cards inviting customers to like you on Facebook.
The traditional method of networing is not dead. Using business cards and in-store posters is a necessary way to inform current customers of a Facebook fan page they may not otherwise know about. Most of your consumers are on Facebook – you just need to let them know you are, too.

Don’t forget once you get more Facebook fans, its your job as a business or brand to keep them. Talk with your fans – not at them. Offer them news and ideas, and offer it often. Give your fans a reason for “liking” you – and give them a reason to stay a fan, too.