Netflix launched only a few months ago in Canada, and now they’re already claiming to be gearing up for launches in other parts of the world. However, their success in Canada is questionable. Especially considering that they had to hire actors to appear as customers during an event in Ontario earlier this year.

Even worse, Netflix hasn’t released any details as to how large their subscriber base is in Canada, leaving the public to assume that it isn’t looking to great. I personally am one to belief that their success has been minimal in Canada, considering that many people I talk to have never heard of the movie rental service.

Another couple of problem that Netflix has faced is their lack of communication with customers and the fact that content selection can be somewhat bare, with few newly released movie rentals appearing on the site. No wonder Canada has one of the highest rates of movie piracy.

Now I’m not saying that it’s impossible for Netflix to succeed in Canada, let alone internationally. I just think that they came in unprepared, and obviously they weren’t able to make very many high profile content deals either. Netflix needs to improve in Canada, before they even think about expanding to other countries.

My impressions so far of Netflix include the following; desperate, fake, and unreliable. It just doesn’t seem worth the monthly subscription if I am unable to see the latest and greatest movie-rentals.