We all have a family member, friend or associate who manages to pick out the most useless gift for us. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could filter this persons choices for you and actually receive something that you could actually use and want? Amazon appears to be looking into such a system and has applied for a patent.

Here is how the system works. You would filter our the person who is a known bad gift giver. You would have the bad gift replaced by a gift of your choosing, before the bad gift is shipped. The sender is said to be none the wiser. But what is the real reason for Amazon employing such a system?

According to one recent article it states that:

These gifts sent via some warehouse many miles away are not only unwanted, but also a multimillion-dollar headache: They have to be repacked, labeled, dropped off and shipped back to Amazon’s Island of Misfit Toys. Then a new present has to be packed, labeled and shipped again. Efficient, the process is not.

On the flip side some are calling this process ill-mannered and offensive to the sender. Offensive? Putting miss manners aside, it is a pain to try to return a gift. First you need to contact the company for an RMA, repackage up the item and usually have to pay for return shipping. Have you used UPS recently and checked their shipping rates? I have paid $12 to return a package weighing under 4 lbs., for an item I didn’t want.

Offensive? I don’t believe it is. I think it is a great idea. Just my two cents.

What do you think?