Rumor has it that Apple is prepared to build an estimated 65 million iPads during 2011. Projected sales and estimates are that the company could sell somewhere between 45 to 48 million units next year. Microsoft is stating that they are in the process of developing a new Windows for tablets but no date has been given when the new software will become available. Google is in the process of developing the Google Chrome OS which is expected to be released in mid-2011.

Some are wondering if anyone can catch up to Apple and compete against their popular iPad tablet. In one recent article it states that:

Noting that “Microsoft has been working very hard at putting a square peg in a round hole,” Gartner analyst Michael Gartenberg, nonetheless, added that an unveiling of the Microsoft’s new software will give the company an opportunity to win over some of the over 100,000 people likely to attend the premier technology trade show.

However, commenting on Microsoft’s forthcoming introduction of news Windows software for tablets, Keith Goddard – CEO of Tulsa, Oklahoma-based investing firm, Capital Advisors – said: “By the time Microsoft gets it figured out everybody will already own an iPad. That train has left the station.”

Wow! Pretty strong words against Microsoft’s chances of catching up. But these words may ring true. Microsoft is struggling trying to catch up in the cell phone market as well. Consumers will pay a higher premium for a system that not only looks good but works well. Most of the time.

Apple folks would have us believe that Apple software and hardware is perfect, but this is not always the case. On Christmas day we learned a lesson while our daughter was making a video of the grandson opening up his Christmas presents using their 2 day old Apple iPod. It stopped working and we suspected the battery may have died so we put in on the charger. Nada. Nothing.

The middle daughter called with a holiday wish and knowing they are an Apple family [iPhones, iPods, iPad and Mac], I explained the problem. She said it happens all the time and just Google the iPod model and do a hard boot. I did what she suggested and the iPod sprang to life. 🙂

So has the train left the station? Is Microsoft heading for extinction as they try to play catch up to Apple?

Share your thoughts.

Source – Top News

Source – The Mac Observer

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