If you believe that DIRECTV has misled you in their offers or that you were charged fees illegally, you may be entitled restitution from DIRECTV. The company has settled an agreement with all 50 state Attorney Generals, including the District of Columbia, and will pay back some $13 million dollars to consumers. DIRECTV customers must file a claim within their state by June 9, 2011 in order to receive compensation.

Here is what the alleged claims against DIRECTV are:

  • Failed to disclose clearly its prices and commitment terms.
  • Failed to disclose clearly its promotional prices.
  • Signed you up for contract terms without clearly disclosing the terms.
  • Failed to disclose clearly that it would automatically renew a seasonal sports package.
  • Advertised but failed to provide local channels in your programming area.
  • Enrolled you without your consent in additional contracts when DIRECTV replaced defective equipment.
  • Withdrew funds from your bank account without your consent.
  • Failed to disclose clearly that it charged a fee if you cancelled a programming agreement before the end of the contract term.
  • Extended your contracts without your consent.
  • Failed to disclose that their rebates were bill credits that you had to sign up for on DIRECTV’s website.

It appears that the problem is being caused by third-party vendors that may stretch the truth in their offerings. I receive advertisements continually from third-party vendors offering DIRECTV plans that seem to good to be true. DIRECTV has stated that they are in the process of fixing the problem and want their customers to know what they are or are not getting and do not want the customer confused.

Will you be filing a claim against DIRECTV? If you are, what will you claim you were confused by? Let us know.

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Source – Consumer Reports

Link to state attorney general offices