If you wanted to buy a tablet computer during most of 2010, you basically had one choice. You purchased an Apple iPad and that was that. But as we enter into 2011, we will have more choices. Samsung recently introduced their Galaxy tablet computer powered by the Google Android operating system. But starting in early 2011 other companies will be introducing their own tablet computers including tablets from Acer and possibly a new slimmed down operating system from Microsoft.

Here is my two cents and my reasons for suggesting waiting until 2012 before buying a tablet or other new device such as the notebooks featuring the Google Chrome operating system.

It is basically simple economic sense to wait until prices start to drop. Maybe not for Apple devices, but for the other gadgets featuring a different operating system such as Windows or Linux. The Linux machines would include both Android and Chrome operating systems from Google.

But what will really differentiate the different brands will be improvements in hardware and functionality. The devices will improve dramatically as competition increases, which will be a benefit for we the consumer and should result in lower pricing.

So why wait until 2012 to buy a tablet? By waiting about a year I believe you will get a better product, including better hardware, at a reduced price.

Comments welcome.