If you’re like me, you likely use your iPhone as an alarm clock. And why not, when you have such a wide selection of alarm tones and music to choose from. Unfortunately there is a problem whereas users of the owners of iPhones running certain iOS releases are going to find that the first day of 2011 will reflect non-working alarms taking place… or not taking place as the case may be.

The fact is that those running iOS 4.2 appear to be free from the issue, as do 3.x releases. But this leaves other releases that may experience the problem. Does this mean that using the iPhone alarm is totally a dead concept? Not at all, as this issue appears to be rectified by January 3rd. Yes, this means two days without working iPhone alarms, but at least it’s not permanent or an issue of waiting for Apple to plug up the problem.

So where are these complaints stemming from?

1-1-11 iPhone Alarms Not Working
Photo by James Chutter

Thus far, the bulk of the reports are streaming in via Twitter from people sharing the frustration with this iPhone alarm problem. It’s likely that come the first and second, the blog reports like this one will begin rolling through.

This isn’t the first time this has happened.

There is no real point in freaking out over this. It’s not the first time the iPhone alarm issue has happened. Remember back in November? The same basic problem took place — let’s get over it already. Yes, it stinks when our phone alarms fail. But let’s not lose track of the fact that this is a temporary problem that takes care of itself by the third of the month.