With the rise of social networks, particularly Facebook, came with a new way to procrastinate – often, for hours at a time. Many employers are well aware of the attention and time drain that Facebook can become, and have blocked employees from Facebook, and other social networking sites, while at the office.

So how can you use Facebook at work?

To access Facebook at work if it is blocked, you could use a proxy. While proxies are often slow with inconisstent access, it is a quick solution when you absolutely just have to access Facebook at work. A list of the best and most current proxies is available. However, many companies – especially large corporations – log every move employees make on the internet. Even using these proxies can be a violation of policies and procedures, so if accessing Facebook could jeopardize your job, tread carefully.

Another option is to set up a virtual private network to your home computer or installing LogMeIn on your home computer and then connecting to your home computer through a web page. By accessing your home computer from work, the firewall established by your employer is bypasesed. This relies on your ability to access the LogMeIn site from work, which may also be blocked. Here again, your company’s IT department can monitor these types of movements, so proceed with caution.

The safest option may be to get a phone with a Facebook app. iPhone and Android Facebook apps allow you to check in to Facebook places, make status updates, and respond to messages from friends without needing to connect to Facebook from your work computer. Since your phone is your property, you reduce the risk of having your boss angry for using company resources to use Facebook at work, just be careful your boss doesn’t get concerned with the amount of time you are spending on your phone.