I have used Orbitz in the past for my traveling needs, including booking flights through them on American Airlines. My experience on American Airlines has been anything but pleasurable. They are arrogant and their flight attendants border on being rude. Now it appears that both Orbitz and Expedia have a conflict with American Airlines and both travel agencies have dropped the airline from their web sites.

What seems like the motive for American Airlines is that they seek to drive consumers to their own web site and not through a ticket vendor which they need to pay a fee. The airline seems to think that this is not going to have any affect on their business and that consumers will check flight fares using a direct link to the airlines web site. Interesting concept if it works. But I personally have no brand loyalty to any airline and book my flights on cost and convenience.

In one recent article it stated that:

American doesn’t expect a “significant” drop in sales from Expedia’s move, said Ryan Mikolasik, a spokesman for American Airlines. On Dec. 23, Expedia omitted American fares from prime search displays on its site, though customers could still buy tickets. This drove consumers to other ticket sites, Mikolasik said today.

American spokesman Mikolasik said that while consumers can’t buy American tickets on Expedia anymore, the airline’s fares and schedules remain on Egencia, Expedia’s corporate travel website.

I use companies such as Orbitz, Expedia and others to find the lowest fares and if American Airlines is not listed I will look no further.

But what about you? Will you go directly to any airlines site for your flight needs?

Comments welcome.

Source – Bloomberg