Vizio is the current leader when it comes to sales in the HDTV marketplace. The company has succeeded in offering quality TV’s at affordable prices, mainly through retail outlets such as Costco and Walmart. The company now plans on expanding their business into the lucrative cellphone and tablet computer market place. Some critics are claiming that Vizio will not be able to compete with products like the Apple iPad, but I for one disagree with these assumptions.

Here are the two new products Vizio is planning on introducing:

The Via Tablet, will have an 8-inch, high-resolution screen; WiFi wireless connectivity; three speakers; and a front-facing camera for video conferencing. Both items will be introduced this summer and run Google Inc.’s Android operating system, providing access to the application store associated with the popular operating system, Vizio said.

The Irvine, Calif., company said its first mobile phone, to be called Via Phone, will have a 4-inch screen, a front-facing camera for video calls, a rear-facing five megapixel camera and the capability to shoot video.

There are two reasons why Vizio will be successful with these two new devices. First is that Vizio has now proved itself in the marketplace as a producer of reliable products that provide comparable performance to other companies. Second will be price. Though the Apple iPad is the best tablet computer on the market today, they are pricey for the average consumer. Vizio with their products being offered by Costco and Walmart should have no problem attracting a large audience for both their phone and tablet computers.

Though Vizio has not released the prices for either the phone or the tablet computer, I would venture a guess that they will be priced lower than what the competition will be offering. I would also guess that both Costco and Walmart will be offering deep discounts when these products hit the market place.

What will also make theses products popular is the fact that both the cellphone and tablet computer will have HDMI ports. The units will have the ability to connect to a HDTV and display high-definition video on the bigger screen. Vizio is also planning on offering services such as Netflix which will also attract buyers.

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Source – WSJ