Microsoft Corporation located in the rainy state of Redmond, WA., had announced that they were preparing to introduce a Windows version for the tablet computer. What Microsoft failed to tell us was that the price of using a Windows-based tablet computer would cost double what the same Android powered system would cost. Why is a Windows tablet costing so much more? It is the hardware requirements.

While Android can function nicely on an Atom processor, Windows 7 needs an Intel Core i5-470 UVM processor and 4GB of memory to function correctly. In one recent article it stated these prices for the Asus Eee PC:

  • Eee Pad MeMO: starts at $499
  • Eee Slate: starts at $999 [Windows 7 box]
  • Eee Pad Slider: starts at $499
  • Eee Pad Transformer: starts at $399

Before I would plunk down $999 for a Eee Slate, I would purchase an Apple iPad. Which makes one wonder just how long Asus will produce a Windows tablet computer if sales are dismal?

There was also this statement:

And it’s not even designed for tablets. The user interface is designed for a cursor and a mouse, not fingers. There are few touch-enabled applications for it. Android is cheaper, built for touch, and has more than 200,000 available apps.
I am not surprised that Microsoft is taking this approach for tablet computers. They have become out of touch with what a tablet computer should be and thinking that by putting on Windows 7 they can fool the masses. Those days are over. I personally believe that consumers in the market to buy a tablet computer will want something priced at $500 or less.
Users are also not going to want a stripped down version of Windows 7 or even Windows XP on their new tablets.

Just my two cents.

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Source – SAI