People access content like never before, including from the cloud and from their tv. Samsung’s new product line in 2011 will be designed to capitalize on our new way of living – to create a “Smarter Life.” Samsung President Tim Baxter notes that Samsung wants to offer in 2011 “choice and control” in how users access content.

In 2010 Samsung’s smart TV sales increased six fold and 3D tv sales increased three fold. In 2011, Samsung 3D will be offered on more and bigger screens, anticipating that 3D televisions will comprise 60% of all Samsung television sales. Samsung’s development of more 3D televisions will undoubtedly make 3D television more accessible and more affordable for consumers, and we can expect this to be a trend among other brands throughout the rest of CES.

Samsung’s theme in 2011 is “Smarter Life” – a theme to encompass the entirety of their new products, including televisions. The “Smarter Life” includes smarter design by Samsung for a smart experience and smart connections for consumers. One of the most major smart new designs consumers will see in 2011 are new 3D LED TVs to further the attractiveness of these TVs – the bezel has been almost completely removed for a “virtually edgeless television”. Watching television will truly become an experience – and a smart one –  rather than just entertainment. Samsung will also follow through with the 3D theme of 2011 with accessories to enhance the 3D experience, with 3D glasses that are rechargeable and bluetooth enabled, as well as a 3D Skype camera for televisions.

Samsung is also dedicated to providing a “Smarter Life” for mobile users in 2011. Although it has already been introduced, the Galaxy Tab will continue to “extend the theme of choice” for consumer. The Tab gives consumers the most choice as it will be available on every major wireless network. The Galaxy player will also provide more choices for consumers as a competitor to the iPod Touch. The Galaxy Player is 4″ with super clear screen on theAndroid 2.2 platform, with 120,000 applications. The biggest mobile announcement, however, is how Samsung will continue to lead the way as the number one Android provider with the introduction of the new Samsung Infuse phone. Running on ATT 4G with a 4.5″ Super AMOLED Plus Display, featuring an 8 mp camera, 2.2 , front facing cam, 1.2 GHz processor, this phone will be quite the talk of CES when Samsuing reveals more information about it at the Keynote tomorrow – stay tuned for moe information about this phone.

Another of the biggest, and smartest new designs Samsung will be introducing in 2011 is the new hybrid between a PC and a Tablet (as if you thought that as possible.) The new PC 7 series by Samsung looks like a tablet and operates Windows 7 with apps. It features a slide out keyboard to end up standing like a PC. Prepare for this to be a big, big deal, as well (it brought a round of applause and cheers during its introduction at CES.)

Samsung’s new products will undoubtedly set a new trend both at CES and for 2011 and beyond for a smarter and better way of consuming, and experiencing media. Stay tuned for more information about these products and when you can expect to see them in stores later this year.

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