‘I’m falling and I can’t get it’, alerted us to the fact that seniors living alone needed some type of monitoring device for their home. Life Alert with their commercial advertising on TV, is the most common type of protection that most of us are familiar with. But now there is Sonamba which is technologically advanced and feature rich monitoring device that provides many more features including wireless connectivity.

According to the Sonamba web site the unit can:

Sonamba monitors motion and sound activity, and compares current activity with historic activity levels. Based on this comparison, Sonamba sends out periodic “all is well” or “attention needed” alerts to caregivers and support circle members cellphones.

So if the person falls, is unconscience or otherwise incapacitated, some one on the care giving list can immediately be notified.

So how much does the unit cost?

Q: Can I really afford this kind of 24-hour security?

A: This remarkable system is highly affordable. Sonamba offers a range of pricing options. You can pay as little as $29.99 activation fee to get started (based on a two-year subscription) with monthly payments as low as $39.00- $69.00. Note: Caregivers will incur cell phone and text messaging charges, payable to the caregivers’ cell phone provider.

The Sonamba unit itself sells for $549.99 and can be ordered directly from the company.

With a large number of baby boomers hitting old age, they are used of having technology surrounding them. There is also the slim possibility that Medicare could eventually help pay for the unit. This would make the Sonamba even more attractive to seniors.

What do you think about this unit? Is it worth the cost?

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Source – Sonamba