Yesterday, I had a chance to sit down and talk with Omar Kahn, Chief Strategy Officer and SVP of Products and Services at Samsung Telecommunications at CES 2011. We chatted for a few minutes about the impact on Samsung’s new products on social media. Here are his thoughts on the future of social media and Samsung’s future:

Kelly: Samsung is introducing  some new apps with new devices. What impact will these be on the mass markets now that they will be available mainstream?

Omar: Think of mobile devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  We’ve launched a new service called Social Hub, which is a social networking service that is fully integrated with these such devices. This provides a complete experience where I can go in through updates, contacts. Where I can go in through multiple entry points. It allows me to use to the devices to be social and see anywhere where you are, anything you are doing –  so it exponentially creates more social media as it creates a more mobile environment.

Kelly: Now that Samsung televisions are more available at a  lower price point, will the price point be pulled down on mobile devices so that they will be more readily accessible as well?

So as you’ve already seen smartphones pushed to the mass market, it really has a more readily available price point. However, the majority of users today still use feature phones so there is a huge opportunity to offer smartphones to these users to experience smartphones.

Kelly: Do you think this will affect how many mobile users will use social media, or do you think the use of social media by mass markets will come first?

Absolutely – entire social media is communication – communication what you’re doing, where you are, what you’re passionate about. We used to confine that to a PC, in the home, in the office, and now if they can share that on the go. If they can share those experience in real-time, it really does increase the adoption of social media.

It looks like the bottom line is that Samsung had social in mind when designing the newest and forward-thinking line of not only mobile, but home devices. Thanks to Omar Kahn of Samsung for taking the time to talk with me about the future of social media. Stay tuned to Lockergnome for more updates about CES. If you have any questions, or would like your company covered, leave a comment or drop me a note on twitter @kellyhclay.

[Disclosure: As a part of my participation as a Sears Blue Blogger Crew member at CES 2011, Sears Holdings provided my travel, accommodations and a camera to capture on-site footage.]