The mood at the consumer electronics show is not reflecting the way Microsoft has been treated in the past. On years, past, many would bow to the software giant in fear of retaliation. But that was then and this is now and there is a new day on the horizon. It could be a new day in which Microsoft plays a very minor role. The folks at Microsoft have ignored the tablet computer completely and have been caught in a tough position. Most companies are not going to sit back and wait for Microsoft to introduce a slimmer, meaner Windows for the tablet systems.

Over at CNet one article stated:

“Intel has urged Microsoft to tailor Windows for smaller devices, to no avail, an executive from the chipmaker said at the Consumer Electronics Show.

“Hey, we tried to get [Microsoft] to do a tablet OS (operating system) for a long time. Us, and others like Dell,” said Tom Kilroy, senior vice president and general manager of Intel’s Sales and Marketing Group, speaking to CNET at an Intel function last night.

Though Windows 7 is being used on a number tablets already, that operating system’s PC heritage makes it less than ideal, as many have attested to already.

Goldman Sachs released a research note last month critical of Microsoft’s tablet strategy.”

But it was this sentence that caught my eye:

“Kilroy said Intel is building Atom processors–known by the code names of Oak Trail and Moorestown–for the Android, Windows 7, and MeeGo operating systems.”

Meego? What is that? Over to the Meego site i went for a look-see and here is what I found. Apparently Meego is bringing forth operating systems for specific devices, including netbooks, handsets and in vehicle systems. So I downloaded Meego for Netbooks and took it for a quick ride. Most of you are aware that I am currently testing Mint and I am now using it as my full-time operating system.

Meego is another Linux distro. 🙂

Unfortunately Meego requires a Atom processor and will not install on my laptop. It is definitely made for a netbook only device.

Comments welcome.

Source – CNet

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