I just can’t resist…. When I got word of this one I almost wet myself laughing…

Toylets uses a pressure sensor located on the back of the urinal to measure the strength and location of your urine stream. A small LCD screen above the urinal allows you to play several simple video games including a simulator for erasing graffiti and a variation on a sumo wrestling match.


The article mentions that you can even compete with the person who used the urinal before you. May the best stream win? Ads, of course, are integrated into the game and it has a USB port for you. I guess your hi-pee score might be something you would want to take with you. More likely it is just another clever way to try and get us to look at ads while we relieve our bladder.

I dunno, most of my 47 years I didn’t think anything of looking at a blank wall. I don’t recall being annoyed by urinals until they tried to turn them into billboards. I also had to wonder why restaurants started hanging coupons over them. Alas, we live in changing times.

These new video games are going to be tested in various location in Japan. I don’t know about how well this will catch on. It seems rather sexiest as well. I am actually afraid it might, then they link urinals together for real time competition and, OMG, the pottytoylette will be next! Oh, and lets not leave out that entire potty training market… Heck, “peed off” might come to mean getting your high score bumped.

As for me, I guess I am getting old. Certain things need not be changed with, I still prefer a blank wall and a urinal that doesn’t record how fast and hard I pee.