One can forget how improvements in scanning technology have been stagnant, until you view the newest Lexmark devices using camera imagery. For some 20 years our scanners have basically used the same scanning sensor technology, with some improvements on speed, but saddled with the slowness associated with a using a sensor. Lexmark is now developing a scanner that uses a technology similar to a camera and snaps a shot of the document at 10-megapixel definition. The device is said to render the image in 3 seconds.

In a recent article it also stated that:

“The sensor grabs six exposures in rapid succession—one each for the scanner’s pairs of red, blue and green flash bulbs—and combines them into a single picture. The image processor on the Genesis corrects the image warping caused by using a wide lens up close.”

“The process seems nearly instantaneous. Less than a second after the scanner door closes, a preview pops up on the 4.3-inch touchscreen. Within three seconds of hitting the scan button, a full image is ready to print, e-mail, or upload directly to Flickr, Picasa or PhotoBucket over Wi-Fi.”

Cost of the Lexmark Genesis will be $400 when it is released to consumers.

Will you be buying one?

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Source – POPSCI