Yesterday at CES, actress and activist Olivia Wilde appeared at the BlackBerry booth as part of a group of celebrities and professionals who use BlackBerry. She talked about her movies TRON, Cowboys & Aliens, Butter, and The Change-up, along with her Artists for Peace and Justice project, which raises funds for relief in Haiti.

Olivia related her career to technology professionals at CES who may are following their dreams and passions. At the BlackBerry presentation at CES, Oliva encouraged those to identify their passion and be proud of their identity, relating her experiences as an artist to those in the technology field. The relation between technology professionals to artists was especially relevant as Oliva discussed her non-profit, the Artists for Peace and Justice project. She co-founded the non-profit in 2008 to improve education in Haiti, and will be launching a youth outreach initiative starting with a college tour – 100 colleges in 100 days. At the event, Oliva raved how technology allows the program to reach millions of people all at once.

Olive asked that those at CES use their skills to make a difference:

“It’s important that people recognize that education as being a way out of poverty. People tend to forget after these large catastrophes they feel they’ve been generous and there’s nothing else they can do.”

Oliva hopes to create a movement for people to connect with our neighbors in Haiti to take responsibility for the people of Haiti and promote health care through technology.

And if anyone doubts Olivia’s dedication to using technology herself, and the people creating it, to make a difference, she admits – she’s one of us:

“I’m a big nerd, and all this stuff is really cool to me.”

Catch Oliva in the movie “TRON”, currently in theatres, and next in “Butter”, due out late spring with Jennifer Garner and Hugh Jackman. You can also find her on Twitter: @olivawilde

[Disclosure: As a part of my participation as a Sears Blue Blogger Crew member at CES 2011, Sears provided my travel, accommodations and a camera to capture on-site footage.]