A few days ago, I had mentioned that one of the problems with the tablet computers, were that they were not equipped with a real QWERTY keyboard. Though Dell has a device with a flip screen that doubles as both a tablet and notebook, Samsung seems to have the right idea in design and function. Samsung will introduce in March of this year, a tablet computer with a slide out keyboard. The unit, pictured below, has just one small problem. It comes with Windows 7 installed, which has not received rave reviews when running on a tablet computer.

Some of the technical facts are:

As far as technical details are concerned, the 7 Series will be available in 32- or 64GB and Samsung is reporting expandable storage via a 4-in-1 memory card reader which sounds neat on paper but we’d like some more details. There’s also a HDMI port for sharing multimedia on HD TVs which is something we haven’t seen on a lot of tablets so far. Webcam on the front is standard but as far as we can tell there’s no back-facing cam.

The computer will also have an Intel Atom processor at 1.66GHz, but no mention how much RAM the unit will have, but my guess will be about 2 GB of RAM. Windows 7 needs at least that much to function at an acceptable performance rate.

Price for the unit will retail at about $699.

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Source – Mobile Magazine