Last November, Facebook announced it was launching a new messaging feature. The new Facebook messages has finally launched! Tonight, when users log in they may see the option to “see whats new” and upgrade, although it’s rolling out slowly so not everyone has it yet. The upgrade to new Facebook Messages is optional, and users can see the features before they opt to switch.

Some Facebook users will see a pop-up bubble on Facebook the next time they log in alerting them to the official launch of the new Facebook Messages. The bubble invites Facebook users that the upgrade is finally available – and just to see whats new. It is not a required switch – yet. To see the features of Facebook’s New Messages, click on “See What’s New.”

The new messages display Facebook chats, messages and texts all in one place. It also includes email by¬†activating¬†your email address. You can also see everything you’ve discussed with the person in one place. Another great feature is that messages from your friends are features – everything else goes into the “other” folder.

If you choose to upgrade, you’ll be asked to activate your Facebook email, which is created based on your name – for example, mine is now “[email protected]” (lets see how Facebook handles spam, shall we.) Once everything is set up, emails sent from your Facebook friends from their email account associated with their Facebook account with be sent to your Facebook Messaging inbox as if it came from their Facebook account, so you will see their profile picture and name. All emails sent moving forward will be threaded into previous conversations with friends. Pretty smart.

The new Facebook Messages are definitely an upgrade. Let us know what you think – have you upgraded yet? Will Facebook replace your Inbox?