In this RunAs Radio podcast, Richard and I talk to Susan Bradley, the SBS Diva!

Susan Bradley Digs Into Small Business Server 2011

Susan digs into the new features of Small Business Server 2011. Check out the Microsoft SBS site. Susan also talks about the balance between SBS “on-premise” and the cloud offerings of Azure, BPOS and Office 365. Check out the SBS forums. The conversation also explores the kinds of internet connections small businesses are going to need in the connected and cloud-enabled world. Susan is a Small Business Server Specialist, and points to this site to find a specialist in your area if you want help setting up and maintaining Small Business Server.

Susan started her career in computing with IBM 8088 computers and Compaq “luggable” portables. To this day she is convinced that her right arm is longer than her left arm because she lugged those dang “luggables” for an entire summer at an audit job. Now she practically has an RJ45 connection growing out of her body. In addition to blogging at, she writes articles for Brian Livingston’s on the topic of patching. Extremely honored to be the author of the smallbiz chapter in the Windows 2008 Security Resource Kit, she’s also co-author of the upcoming SBS 2008 Unleashed.