I admit it: the main reason I am happy that the iPhone has finally been announced by Verizon is due to the simple fact that the constant rumors will now stop. Having my beloved iPhone available on Verizon does nothing for me. Like many of you, I’m locked into a contract, thanks to my desire to upgrade to the newest model this summer. In addition, I can honestly say that I have no gripes with the service I receive from AT&T. The only time I experienced issues was when I spent two days in New York City back in late October. Here in central Indiana, my reception has always been fantastic. I also happen to enjoy talking on the phone while doing other things with my handset… unlike what I could do on Verizon.

I cannot claim to have any new and incredible insight into the entire Verizon – AT&T debate. I simply know what’s inside my own head – and I have a feeling it matches up with the thoughts many of you are having, as well. I don’t begin to understand all of the hype surrounding the “big announcement.” So Verizon is going to sell the iPhone in a few weeks. So what? It’s not like we’re all going to rack up huge early termination fees to flock to a different company. Sure, Verizon is going to sell a lot of iPhones to their existing customers. I’m sure some people will actually pay the fees in order to switch (publicly and loudly, in certain cases). But there’s one huge problem that these people aren’t thinking about: the whole no talking and doing something else at the same time. Do you really want to have to interrupt what you’re working on in order to answer a call?

At what price do you decide a device or service isn’t going to work for you? In my mind, that point comes when I cannot do what it is I need to do – and can easily manage with someone else. Just last night I put a call on speakerphone and continued the conversation while checking the latest winter storm warnings. Had I not been with AT&T, my iPhone wouldn’t have been able to do that. Could I have waited? Well duh… but why should I HAVE to? Shouldn’t a smartphone be able to do those two things at once? If it can’t, it’s not very so smart now, is it?

We shouldn’t forget to take a look at the realities of how each service will perform. Sure, AT&T users have issues in some places here in the USA. Guess what? Verizon customers are likely going to experience those same pains once the network begins to rapidly expand. Anytime you have a bajillion users in one dense area trying to grab the tower signals all at once – chaos is going to ensue. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize this can happen with any carrier.

Perhaps I’m just a doddering old fool who doesn’t understand then ins and outs of this announcement and the grand impact it will have on our society. Maybe I’m just set in my ways or too blonde to wrap my purty little head around the concept of change. Justify it any way you choose. The fact remains that I don’t see what the hell the fuss is all about.