I have been on Verizon most of my (adult) life. I flirted with ATT and an iPhone in 2008 for a few weeks, but quickly bailed on our relationship during a music festival in Seattle. During one of the evenings after a show at the festival, I needed to make an emergency call to 9-1-1, but the network was so congested I couldn’t even connect to the network to call for help. (Don’t worry – everything turned out OK.) Thanks to Verizon, I have had stable service ever since, and though I didn’t ever think I could ever love a phone again after ditching my iPhone, And even though I now have the option to switch to a Verizon iPhone on February 10th, I’m happy to say I’m now committed to my Samsung Fascinate. I won’t even entertain the idea of switching to the new Verizon iPhone. Here’s three reasons why I won’t get the Verizon iPhone:

My Verizon Samsung Fascinate, with standard 8gb of removable data (think music)┬áis part of a family plan – not only was the phone itself free as part of promotion by Best Buy last year, but the line itself only costs under $30 for unlimited data, text, and talk. A 16gb Verizon iPhone will cost $199.99 plus whatever the plan will be for unlimited data and talk on my family plan (I’m sure it will be be more than the current “smartphone” data and talk plans.)

Customer Service
One of my favorite things about the iPhone was dedicated customer service. (Let’s not talk about the other end of the customer service when I bailed due to not being able to reach 9-1-1 that horrible day). There is a team at ATT that is dedicated to resolving iPhone issues; advanced problems can be resolved at the Genius Bar at Apple, but for problems such as not knowing there is button on the side that switches the phone to airplane mode (oops) they are very knowledgable and helpful. After all, they’ve been doing this for years. I’m not sure Verizon will be as resourceful right off the bat about Apple products. Androids, however, have been their game for awhile- and I trust them to answer questions about products running the Android platform.

Performance and Specs
The iPhone performs many functions that many phones just can’t do. However, after nearly three months with my Android, I can only think of a few minor things that differ from the iPhone – and many of these can be worked around with a few tricks. While the iPhone can be easily synced with iTunes, a Droid requires a little work to make this happen. However, both feature pushed email and messaging, and Androids actually feature more ways to input text with the keyboard. Androids also feature widgets, which is one of the ways users can improve and customize the user experience. The graphic display is also much more advanced on my Samsung Fascinate. It is important to note that the Verizon iPhone is nearly identical to the one currently available with ATT, and while the Verizon iPhone can be a WiFi hotspot for up to five computers, the Verizon iPhone can only tether to one computer. The Verizon iPhone also isn’t LTE, so it’s 3G – a huge bummer.

Are you on Verizon and will get the new Verizon iPhone? Would you switch from another network for the Verizon iPhone?