Anyone who likes to watch YouTube music videos on their Android device has, up until this point, been pretty much out of luck. VEVO, the provider of many of the major-label videos on YouTube, blocked these videos from mobile applications. They didn’t appear on the YouTube app at all, and if you tried to load them on the YouTube mobile site, you’d get an unfriendly “this video is not available on mobile devices” message.
This week, however, VEVO has launched their own Android app as well as made all of their videos available on the Android YouTube app. You can finally watch those 10 minute Lady Gaga epics without having to open your laptop, as well as thousands of other music videos, absolutely free.
Head over to the Android Market now and download the VEVO app, or update your YouTube app to the newest version to check out the new features. The VEVO app is beautifully designed and lets you browse through music videos by artist or genre, look at charts of the most popular music videos, and even make playlists of your favorites to watch in a row. VEVO for Android even has voice search, so you can find what you’re looking for even without using your phone’s keyboard.
The video quality is great, and looks HD or very close to it on videos that are uploaded in HD. This app is a huge win for music fans on Android, who up until this point would have to copy music videos to their device to watch them since you couldn’t in the YouTube app.
If, for some reason, you’re not interested in downloading a new app on your phone, VEVO videos have appeared in the newest YouTube update as well. You can find artists’ VEVO channels right in the YouTube app, and stream their videos in high quality from there. Music videos are now marked with a music note icon (see image), and you can also read artist bios and browse videos by their artist.
Here’s to awesome tunes on your phone!