Most days we are bombarded with sad news so it is refreshing to read a story about a good person. The good person happens to be a pilot at Southwest Airlines who held up a flight to get a murdered victims family on board. The circumstances were that a 3-year-old boy was body slammed by the live in boyfriend of the daughter. Life support was going to be pulled and the child’s grandfather was trying to get to Denver in a hurry.

Even though he arrived at the airport two hours early, between baggage check in and going through security, the grand dad was still running late.

The article stated that:

According to him, everyone he talked to couldn’t have cared less. When he was done with security, he grabbed his computer bag, shoes and belt and ran to his terminal in his stocking feet.

Little did grandpa know that the pilot of the Southwest plane he was trying to get on board was being held up by the pilot. When the man reached the gate the pilot was waiting and the man thanked him profusely. The pilot stated that the plane wasn’t going anywhere without him and that the pilot wasn’t leaving without the grand dad.

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Source – Elliott