When I first read this article I had to stop and think. Is it Facebook or the users who are to blame? No one can deny the fact that there are PC users who shouldn’t be allowed on the Internet. They can not even spell the word ‘security’ let alone keep their systems safe. Their zombie computers attack the remainder of us who try to surf safely. So is it a surprise that more than 100 accounts were compromised by one lone hacker?

I use Facebook and enjoy having meet old friends that I haven’t spoken to in years. But I have my account so secured with privacy settings, security codes and such, that I am surprised I can even access my account. I have even seen some people who have their home address, dob and other personal information open to everyone.

In a recent article it stated:

“A press release from the office of Kamala Harris, California’s attorney general, says Bronk targeted his victims by searching Facebook for women who posted both their e-mail addresses and also personal information such as their favorite foods, their father’s middle names, their high-school mascots and their favorite colors.

Such details are routinely used in “identity challenges” when changes are made to online personal accounts. “Social engineering” scams, such as phishing scams, are designed to trick the victim into revealing this sort of information — but Bronk found it all right there on Facebook.

With it, Bronk could pose as a legitimate e-mail user, hit the “Forgot your password?” button, pass the identity challenge, change the password to one of his own and take over the e-mail account, locking out the victim.”

Armed with this information the suspect would locate pictures of the account user in the nude and threatened to publish the photo’s. He also attempted to blackmail the users into sending more nude photo’s.

When the suspect was arrested he had more than 170 files of nude folks on his computer.

This also demonstrates how easy it is to hack an account when a user posts their maiden name or street they lived on in their profile and use this as their secret password.

How do you keep your Facebook account secure?

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Source – msnbc