If you still live by the old adage, “I don’t use a new version of Windows until SP1 has been released,” you might want to finally prepare for Windows 7. A post on Microsoft’s Russian Technet site last week, suggested that SP1 was ready for Release To Manufacturers and OEMs were due to receive it over the weekend.

Since the posting, Microsoft appears to have retracted their statement, suggesting that there could be some last minute bug-fixes needed before full release,

“Microsoft Has Not Released SP1 to OEMs at this time, Though We Are on Track for a Q1 release, AS We Previously Announced. The Comments made in this blog entry included Some inaccuracies.”

Adding fuel to the fire, software portal Softpedia appears to have Windows 7 SP 1 RTM available for public download. While previous release schedules would suggest we could still be a month away from the official release on Windows Update, the release on Softpedia does seem to be the real-deal, sporting the release version of 7601.17514.101119-1850 which is said to be the final release number.

The vagueness of Microsoft’s conflicting statements might mean you’d be wise to hold off on installing SP1 RTM until it’s officially “signed off”, but those who are feeling brave might want to try it from the Softpedia link above.

As well as the usual roll-up of previous hotfixes, SP1 also includes the RemoteFX feature, which improves the graphical experience of remote access, including the Aero theme, more robust media streaming and multi-display capabilities.