You may recall the Reliability and Performance Monitor in Windows Vista. In Windows 7, the reliability and performance monitor have been separated. So, when you open the Action Center in Windows 7, you will see the Reliability Monitor.

What does the Reliability Monitor do? It measures hardware and software problems as well as any other system failures. It also rates the stability of your system using a scale of 1 — 10.

To access the Reliability Monitor:

  1. Click the Action Center icon within the system tray and click Open Action Center.
  2. Expand the Maintenance category and click view reliability history.

Windows 7 displays the stability of your computer in graphical format. Specifically, it displays a timeline in days or weeks and the different system events that have occurred during this time. The events are categorized as failures, warnings and information.

In a nutshell, you can use the information within the graph to see how well your computer is performing.